Sunday, October 16, 2005

Some Good Finds

Previous Total: $1313.82

Current Total: $1243.82


Half Ownership - 76 sake cups

Full Ownership - 5 mini trays - 6 hunting badges - 11 photos - 1 video - 1 Super 8mm movie - 3 books - 15 cards

Time Spent Since Last Post: 1 hours 13 minutes

Time Spent Total: 1 day 15 hour 20 minutes

It was an interesting day at the flea market. I found what could possibly help me get a lot closer to the goal in an old book box. i had to do some digging through a lot of junk to find it, but when I did and hear the price, I grabbed it in a second. I paid $40 for a box that contained 3 books, a video, an super 8 film and 11 photos. Although the Super 8 movie and video are post war items, the rest are pre war and I think will sell well. The books aren't in the greatest of shape, but they still should have collector interest. I'll get those up this week.

I also purchased 15 Star Wars cards for $30. I'm not sure if that was a smart move or not. When the latest movie came out and there was hype left and right, they would have sold easily for $10 each, but now that the hype has died and there aren't any future movies to keep the fire burning, I'm not sure how well or if they will sell. They are rarer ones, but it is a toss-up. I don't think I'll lose money on them, but they aren't a sure home run either.

That took $70 off my total, but all these are mine so any profits will go 100% to my bottom line. They should make for an interesting week.


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