Sunday, October 09, 2005

First Big Blunder?

Previous Total: $896.36

Current Total: $896.36


Half Ownership - 7 sake bottles, 142 sake cups

Full Ownership - 5 mini trays - 6 hunting badges

Time Spent Since Last Post: 0 hours 0 minutes

Time Spent Total: 1 day 12 hour 26 minutes

Well, it looks like I may have made my first big mistake today. With 2 hours left for the auctions of 20 of the cups to end they are all selling for a grand total of $24. I need them to triple in price (have them all sell for $100 combined) just to break even on them which is definitely not a good sign. While a loss at this point won't hurt me in the sense that I can't go on, it will make it much more difficult to reach my goal, especially if the cups from the other auctions later this week sell the same way. My partner also won't be happy having to wrap all those packages for nothing.

I may have to rethink my $0.01 starting price on the auctions. I know doing so gets more people to look at them and this usually results in them selling for a higher price than if I set them starting off at a higher price, but when a day like this comes along, it makes me wonder if I should set them at $0.99 to start. I'll have to think that over.

Time to do something else to take my mind off this...otherwise I'll drive myself crazy. Will report on the final damage in a few hours.


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