Friday, October 14, 2005

Another Disappointing Round

Previous Total: $945.37

Current Total: $1017.32


Half Ownership - 7 sake bottles, 96 sake cups

Full Ownership - 5 mini trays - 6 hunting badges

Time Spent Since Last Post: 0 hours 25 minutes

Time Spent Total: 1 day 12 hour 51 minutes

I will do this post in a couple of steps so that I can keep it all straight. The second batch of 26 cups sold, but they didn't do a whole lot better than the first batch of 20. I made a little bit, but a very little bit. They sold for a total of $155.48 with $11.58 in paypal and ebay fees for a total of $143.90. That gets divided in 2 for a total of $71.95 into the pot.

It was another disappointing round. Probably the only good thing is that I'm back above $1000, but a long, long way from my goal. I decided that I would alter my plan a slight bit. Most cups are going to go onto the blog site as I said before, but I will pick a few that I'm confident will sell well due to their pattern and past experience.


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