Monday, December 26, 2005

2006 Challenge

For 2006, I'm beginning a new challenge of turning nothing into $1,000,000 - as you might expect, this will be a long term challenge. You can keep track of this challenge through the below link:

2006 Money Challenge

The challenge comes to an end

It appears I will end this challenge well short of my goal of $5,000. I didn't give up on it becasue I wasn't going to make the goal, but because Nate and I decided to try and make the site into a full time job. That has meant that the free time I did have for the challenge, I haven't had the last couple of months.

Part of any goal setting is to re-evaluate the goals and priorities from time to time. While the challenge was fun and a good experience, it made little sense to continue with it when given the chance to try and turn the site into my full time job since doing so would be my dream job. In an effort to make that happen, I have been spending every spare minute I have working on some aspect of the site and thus no activity on with the challenge this past month.

For those who were following my challenge, my apologies for the lack of entries toward the end, but I hope you can understand the reasons for it. I placed my time and efforts toward what I believe will be most beneficial for me (and the site) in the long run.

I am looking forward to the new challenge beginning this January. I will definitely be taking part although the monetary goal will be a lot less as I expect the vast majority of my time will still be dedicated to building and improving the site. Since I have an extra six months this time, I hope to move beyond the $1,300 I was able to earn with this challenge.