Friday, October 14, 2005

A Few More Auctions Listed

Previous Total: $1208.15

Current Total: $1205.45


Half Ownership - 91 sake cups

Full Ownership - 5 mini trays - 6 hunting badges

Time Spent Since Last Post: 0 hours 38 minutes

Time Spent Total: 1 day 13 hour 46 minutes

I went through a portion of the cups that I still have and cherry picked the best of the lot to put on auction. The ones that were a bit unusual that could possibly get collectors in a bidding war. That gave me 9 new cups that I put on for a cost of $5.40 and $2.70 to me. The rest I think I will list at a set price and see if they sell.

There are a number of countries in Europe that can't access my auctions because of laws regarding WW2 with German items. Ebay's solution was to block items in those categories even if they were perfectly legal like mine. I'm sure that collectors there would like the cups, but I haven't figured out a good way to sell them. I'm hoping search engines will pick up the ones I list and that will eventually get some sales. I'll have to think about how to approach that a bit more.

I did put a couple of unusual items up that will either sell for very little or a lot - you just can never tell. One is a whistle sake cup which you don't come across too often. Another surprise find was that one of the "sake cups" was actually a tea cup which is quite unusual and has the potential to sell for a bit - especially since it has a nice pattern on it and was made by Kutani. I just will keep my fingers crossed on them and hope that the decision to try the auctions was the right move.

Tomorrow's auctions ending look pretty miserable again. most cups are still under $5 which is never a good sign. I'm hoping that now that some people have purchased, they will want to add to save on shipping, but I'm not holding my breath on that.


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